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19 January 2010 @ 12:49 pm
Icon, because it's one of my favs :3  
*clears off cobwebs*

It's not like I don't come here everyday and read peoples posts. Just making one for myself, would have been pointless since not much happened in the last few months. Well; that's not entirely true. Once again, list of things that happened/coming up.

Turning 24: I had a blast. I saw Elise who I haven't hung out with in like a YEAR <---worst best friend ever. Sarah J joined us on the trip to Boston where we got to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. It ROCKED. Omg! The costumes were beautiful, the props were so cool. You got to play Quidditch! The gift shop, rocked! I hope I get to go again before it's out of the MoS so my Mom, Missy and Gram can go too. Maybe next weekend...

Anywho, met up with Haldan, Maddy and Ryan at the Hard Rock Cafe which was a nightmare XD But when you're with the right group of people, anything is made into a good time. In short...it took us three hours to finally get fed and get out of there, our drinks took an hour to come to the table, some of our food, wasn't cooked right, waitress started to sing Happy Birthday and then bailed when the table next to us got the WHOLE TO DO that Hard Rock is known for, there was a Gong and it wasn't for me XD;;;!!! Dinner was a shit show, but the rest of the day was nice, until we missed the last train and Elise's boyfriend had to come get our asses LOL. Only thing that would have made the trip perfect would have been if Bry was there <3 Still, pretty decent birthday.

Christmas:... was awkward this year. Went to my Uncle Kevin's house, which is lovely, but none of us can stand our Aunt Gale. She's waiting for my Grandparents to drop so she can collect. Only shows up when one of them is sick. She's rude and obnoxious and I wouldn't mind if she fell off the face of the Earth to be honest. But she has horses and they rock, until she traps you in the riding ring to give you a training class. We were all thrilled...really -_-;; Food was good, they don't exchange presents so we had to run to my Grandparent's first to do that. All the cousins were together at the same holiday party for the first time in...ten years? Maybe more then that? It was awesome though. Besides the fact that we all wanted to escape most of the day, it was a decent Christmas.

Work: Still managing. Wanna slap people. The End XD!

New York City: I'm going for five days :o! This excites me for many reasons. A) I get to spend all of it with Bry :3! B) Going to see the Lion King on Friday(hopefully) as well as hit up all my favorite eating places. C) Ryan and Ben might be coming down on Saturday to hang out with us! I really hope they can make it. Ryan needs some Katy time and I wanna meet Ben! Double dating FTW! D)No working! I love that city :3 It just better stop snowing so I can GO Thursday morning. Only thing I don't look forward to is the 4 hour bus ride. I don't know how Bry does it all the time XD I'll have my compy and *crosses fingers* HOPEFULLY internet to keep me amused. Oh yeah...and I have to pack. Yuck XD

Con Season: It's upon us again. I know, I should cut back on the ones I go to, but I have a good time and now that I have a better paying job, I can save money a little better and still go to a few. (Until I get an apartment, and then I might have to cut them down) However, this year AB is gonna rock because- Hmmm I dunno if I can say or not >> Let's just say it's not a skit, but I'm helping out this year. Still attending and dressing up!

-Sorata, X/1999 (p.s. If ANYONE is interested in doing an X group with me that would be amazing~~~)
(those are the only confirmed ones right now. Might throw a new one in :3)

CtCon is another hosting gig and I think one of my favorites now. Dating Game and Masquerade.

-Sherlock Holmes and Watson(making for Ryan <3)
-Harry Potter

NEFE...I dunno. I guess I have a free ride in this time because I worked for them. It's really going to depend on who the special guests are and if I do go, it's only going to be for a day. I don't think I'm working for them ever again. Definately not running any of their events. Fuck that.

Costume: (if I do god)
Sherlock Holmes

AAC: WELL DUH! This is my favorite con :3 Still have to do my 'Interview' with Lisa, but I plan on coming back to Host again. Hopefully with a better schedule -_- I know there were little things I was suppose to introduce last year, but I never got a confirmation or a write up...really disorganized last time. But I made it to all the big events so that's what matters I guess :) Looking forward to the theme this year, and I think I figured out what I want to host as.

-America (has to make a return)
-Komui <-Hosting outfit :3 (D Gray Man)
-Sherlock Holmes

**Side note: Hopefully a much less, drama free con season (Ha.)

Apartment: By September, I wanna be moved out of my house. It's time. I love my mom and I know living here for free, I have a good thing, but I need my own space. Sarah J said she would like to move in with me and I know she and I could live together with no problem. She's super easy going and pleasent so MAJOR props to that. I'll be excited for more room for my stuff, better organization and just a place to call my own. And a bigger bed. Saving for a bigger bed lol! So hopefully, by the end of this summer, we'll find something. Keep your fingers crossed kids!

Car: I OWN MY CAR BITCHES. IS MINE AND PAID OFF AND MINE. One less bill to pay :) w00t w00t.

All right, I've filled your friends page enough. I'll go disappear again for another 3 months XD Lata kids~
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Madeleine: LMAO - J.D.yukitheawesome on January 20th, 2010 03:21 am (UTC)
Dating Game footage to go with it YAY!