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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
28 October 2009 @ 11:09 pm
I'm hoping everyone's seen season three of Torchwood by now. If not, don't keep reading XD;

Ryan: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die
Katy: LOL
Ryan: Children of the Earth would be pretty awesome
Katy: you know how many ways you could have ended that sentence?
Ryan: I know, right?
Katy: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, global warming would be solved
Katy: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, myspace wouldn't exsist anymore
Katy: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, they would have never made Glitter
Katy: XD!
Katy: there could be millions on these!
Ryan: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, then people would stop bitching about Kanye West
Katy: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, Jon and Kate Plus eight would have given up 8 kids ago.
Ryan: You know, if Jack weren't a dick and Ianto didn't die, X-Men 3 wouldn't have been an atrocity
Katy: ROFL!!!!

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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
25 October 2009 @ 04:35 pm
Captain's Log:

Not dead. *waves* Which is a plus in my book. It's been a crazy long time since I've posted on here, but I'm under the impression that in this new age, everyone focuses more on Facebook and *shutters* Twitter, that a lot of viewing time doesn't go to the LJ anymore. So I've been saving up to make bigger posts. That and I'm also one of those people that pays more attention to the FB then anything else these days. But for those of you that still read this thing, life update, ahoy!

As far as work goes, things have calmed down. People have gotten over their drama and I know who I can and can't talk to anymore. Some of them bitches will never grow up and hate that I'm kinda their boss now and to them I just wait till they do something retarded and then lay on them. They're not giving my slack, why should I give them any? Not looking for trouble, but if it's thrown at me, I'm not giving in. Not much drama though. Surprisingly. I think Jeff had something to do with it, but he'll never say he helped me out :) I know he thinks I'm awesome, despite all the crap he gives me from time to time.

Arbella...sucks cock. The End. Hopefully this drama will be over by the beginning of next month. So ends the chapter on that bullshit.

Moving on to the finer things in life, CONVENTION TIME! It's the end of my con season until next year and the next two are going to be rather epic. My costumes are almost done. Just need to buy/cut out/make, America. I also have a secret costume to surprise Bry. I just hope she likes it :). At the moment I have 5 costumes going! YEAH BE JEALOUS. No don't be, I'm in fabric Hell XD;;;

I have Steve and Ryan's costumes all cut out. Ryan's Grey Hare outfit is so close to being done I could cry. I love it. I created the design for it and it just looks so good. I'm very proud of it and I can't wait to finish it so he can wear it :) It just needs buttons and the finished work on the hat.

Steve's Hetalia costume is the best color ever. All the pictures I compare it to are spot on. Just needs to be pieced together and then fitted onto him for buttons/button holes. And then the pants drama begins XD;; I THINK I have enough for them. Maybe...that's tomorrow. Pattern and biased tape for Ryan's I forgot to buy LOL WHOOPS.

Ryan's Hetalia costume is more complex. Go figure, Jack Harkness, yet again, a pain in my ass <3 But an easy enough. His actually closes, SO NO LINING. *tears of joy* No one is ever going to see the inside of it.

Halloween costumes are almost done. Just need to adjust the fitting on the shirts. I can finish my apron for Spock sometime this week and I should be good to go on Friday. STAR TREK FOR THE WIN. I'm so pumped to wear Spock :3 My hair is all cut for it now and I will dye it on Thursday night/morning. And then SATURDAY I AM MANAGING WHICH MEANS I CAN WEAR ONE OF MY FANCY AMAZING COSTUMES. I don't know what to wear. SO POLL TIME!!!!


Of the following should I wear...

Tamaki Mad Hatter
John Hart
Professor Plum
Two Face

I might not do Two Face, only because it's 'scary'. Or Jeff said he'd be scared. I get confused sometimes. LOL.

Haunted Hotel at the Old Salt Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm working it Tuesday night so come on by. I just hope the drama kids are more committed this time around. Otherwise they're gonna lose their oppertunity to do it :/ BUT. Michelle said if that happens, then I can run it next year. X3 But I'm sure none of MY FRIENDS would be interested in working it...hehehe.

Since I can't sew anymore, I'm working on filler things for AAC and what I want to go down in a few panels at NEFE. Just some ideas for topics and what not during the FMA Panel and that one for the DBZ movie. I plan to DESTROY IT. I'm really excited to meet the guests at both cons this year too. Half of Funimation is going to AAC this year and then NEFE...WELL. *cough* Gareth David-Llyod AND Lenord Nimoy? <3~~ And of course Sonny Strait will be there. I just hope he likes my Hughes/Roy.

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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
03 October 2009 @ 10:51 pm

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'll be in my bunk..
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
22 September 2009 @ 01:24 am
..I can't find the lyrics to Special Ed I was singing some of it tonight and I forgot the words to a few verse..

:( Maybe they're on Torchwood 2..have to check it tomorrow..

Unless some of my awesome friends have it somewhere? <3?
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
18 September 2009 @ 02:06 pm
The other night at work we sat a large party out back. And for whatever reason we tend to turn the lights down to set a mood or something. A couple minutes later, one of the bus kids comes up to me and asks for this party if they could move someplace a little brighter.



I needs the new episodes of HIMYM like yesterday..

Now, back to writing this Radio Play. I just hope it's funny enough..
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
10 September 2009 @ 12:48 am

Sarah's B-Day cake topper :3
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
01 September 2009 @ 12:59 pm

Getting to work with ANY of the Doctor Who/Torchwood cast? Even in a little mock scene like this would be friggin' AWESOME~

Came across it, thought I would share :3
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
31 August 2009 @ 06:56 pm
The Tango HarknessCollapse )
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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
30 August 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Dear 20th Century Fox,

I was finally given the oppertunity to see your movie Dragonball Evolution for free, seeing as I swore I would never pay money to watch it.

We are not amused. Not at all.

What are my biggest problems you ask?

-Goku is a tool. And not in the good way from the original show.
-Piccolo..was the ONLY good thing about that movie and he WAS BARLEY IN IT.
-Roshi is a joke. Island in the city, no turtle, no beard, no sunglass, no FUCKING good.

But my BIGGEST beef? YOU CALL THAT THE DRAGON? You. Bastards. That was a LIZARD compared to the epicness that SHOULD BE THE ETERNAL DRAGON.

Kindly die in a fire and never make a DBZ movie again. Despite your plug for a sequel.

ABSOLUTELY NO LOVE and complete hatred,

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Master of Ceremonies AAC 2007
29 August 2009 @ 02:26 pm
Who's a LJ updating slacker. *points thumbs at self* :D

Been house sitting for Emily's family the last week. Rosie is as crazy as always but it's been fun having a huge house to myself. Except her neighbors are much nosier this time. Like cars slowing down to stare at the car in the yard and such >>;; Rather unnerving. Half expect the police to be waiting for me one of these nights. LOL But they come home tonight, so I guess I'll never find out huh?

Went to NYC with Missy for her 30th birthday! She had a wicked good time. Well she said she did so I believe her. Hotel in Times Square, Avenue Q for the third time, COMPLETE with the original Christmas Eve. THAT was amazing. I got to see her after the show and fangirl a little. She's so awesome.

Did a lot of exploring there which included more of Central Park. Which really was only a small dent compared to how HUGE it is. Also got to hang out with Blady and Sweeney. Dinner at Carmines with the whole gang. And of course Bry was there so it's always a good time :3

I miss my city so much :( I really should just move there and get it over with. As much as I would miss New Hampshire, there is just something homey to me about that city. Still plenty of time to think about it. Save money, all that jazz.

Offical Manager at work now. I still waitress from time to time, but I manage about 4 times a week now. Which means buying new clothes just for work. Maybe some of the people there want to wear what they always do to work in, but I like having a much nicer look. More professional. Something that says: yeah, she's the boss right now.

Unfortunately, my t-shirts and jeans don't cut it XD; Sad. Another part of growing up I guess.

Speaking of which where the HELL has this year gone?! August is almost over which means winter and fall are sneaking up..which means my birthday in just 3 and a half months. (yes far off, but the way time is moving, pretty fucking close) 24...24!?!?!

Good thing about it, is I plan on getting a bit of ink this year. Yep. Markin' my body up. Nothing big and detailed. Something small and fun. Still have a while to hash it out, but I'm pretty sure I know what I want.

Ah well, back to watching Planet of the Apes.

Oh! And check out the website: http://pointingthingsout.shutterfly.com/

I just updated pointing in NYC :D It's gonna be a thing!
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